Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our Neighbors

 Most of the year, we don't have many neighbors.   Except these guys and gals.  They pass our house every day, on the same path.  They walk down to the lake, I'm guessing. This was from a few weeks ago when we were still snow-covered.

 I'm so happy for the deer that the snow melted and they have food now!

 They have an audience in our house.  And now we can go outside and play beside them!

Yay Spring!  Yay for baby spotted deer coming!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Friday Nights

 A recent Friday night, these guys were watching Peter Pan an I couldn't handle it. Peter (or Pee-tah if you want to say it like Wendy Darling does...that's what he's called around our house) is a fan favorite right now.  They all love it, including Daddy.  Reilly insisted that she hold Declan.  And Reagan insists on going everywhere holding Buddy, Minnies Mouse and Mickeys Mouse.  She has quite the arm-full, especially while trying to keep a thumb in her mouth.  ;)

Notice Declan - riveted.
Notice Reilly's ring - on her "marrying finger" of course.

Lucky kids, I let them borrow Daddy as a cuddler for this night. This is how we all are on Fridays, so excited for Daddy to be home for the weekend that we don't let go of him. :)

Friday nights change drastically when the kiddos come. But this is the kind of Friday nights I always dreamed of.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Princess at Rest

Reilly has dropped her nap a bit lately, but some days she really does need that rest time in the day.  Luckily, we can both usually tell when these days are, and she will nap willingly when she knows she needs extra rest.  Today, she stayed up from nap. Then at 3:30 she was getting agitated about something and I told her to go rest on my bed for a few minutes to cool off.  After a few minutes, she was very quiet.  I went in my room, to find this:

A true princess.  Tulle surrounding her entire being, and her gloved hands folded carefully under her head.  After she gets home from school, she immediately goes into her room and changes into one of several princess gowns.  She insists she is "cold" if she doesn't have her elbow-length gloves on.  Usually there is a crown on her head, which she always remembers to remove before nap and bedtime.  She slept for a few hours like this before coming out telling us she felt "so refreshed".

She is such a little princess, this Belle!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Hey, Dad?

"Do we get to be best buddies?  Is that what we're gunna be?" asked Declan.

"You bet we do, little guy. You and me." replied Daddy.

"That's good, Dad.  I always thought having a best buddy sounded fun. I'm glad you're mine."  said Declan.

"Me too, Bruiser. Me too."

Thursday, April 3, 2014

4 Months!

 This little guy is 4 months old!  He is at such a fun age right now.  He started belly laughing, responds to being tickled, and kicks up a storm.  He started screeching this high-pitched joyful scream whenever he wants our attention, or sees one of his sisters run by. 

 He is currently in 12 month clothes, and is growing like a beanstalk!  He weighs about 18-19 pounds I think, but I will know for sure at his doctor appointment coming up.  I'm so excited, I love the well visits!  He is the hungriest, happiest, healthiest little guy.  Well, his belly is rarely empty actually..which is probably why he is so happy all the time. :)

 See what I mean?  That little grin!

We are going to break out the jumperoo very soon, which will thrill him!  Oh, I can't wait.  He has been kicking up a storm, so those legs are ready.  He is going to LOVE being able to jump around like his big sisters. 

He goes to bed right around 7 with the girls, and has been waking  up once in the night.  He is very content to lay in his crib and listen to his music as he is falling to sleep.  He has lately started looking like he wants to sit up while he is laying down, bending at the waist and lifting his head.  He loves when I prop him up to look at the room, and his favorite thing is sitting propped on my bed while I get dressed. 
He is drooling up a storm, and always has a bib on.  He is always trying to chew on things, and Reilly is always checking to see if there are any teeth. :)  He is such a little thumb sucker!  While we were driving today, I had Reagan and Declan both silently in the back seat sleeping, and all I heard were there intermittent suck-suck-suck-sucks of their thumbs. It was so sweet.

 Declan, at this age, all we have to do is look at you and smile and you start laughing back at us with your big gummy smile.  I can't even handle your cuteness most days.  I also can't handle how often you grow out of clothes.  I mean, just stay put for a little while, will ya buddy?  I don't want you to have to be naked all summer. ;)

Easygoing is not even the word for you.  You will eat whenever I can feed you, go where I go with no complaint, sit in the stroller/your carseat/my carrier without making a peep, and sit in restaurants like a little champ.  You are so happy to be whereever we are, and are such a joy to our family.

Everywhere we go, people comment on how much you look like your sisters.  Most say a mix between Reilly and Reagan, and just how evident it is that you are all siblings.  I see so much of Reilly in you, but in a rounder, handsome little face.  I think you are Reilly share your eyes.

I recently looked up facts about the name Declan..and it means "Full of Goodness" and "Man of Prayer".  Seriously the most perfect description.  Well, I don't know if he prays yet, but he is definitely full of goodness. :)  Also, there was a St. Declan in Ireland, who brought God's word to the Irish people even before St. Patrick did!  For real, look it up.  Crazy, right?  We are definitely going to tell him that every St. Patrick's Day...this should be YOUR day dude.

Happy 4 Months little munchkin lovie nugget mister mans!  I want to eat you!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Baseball Season!

So, being that we are a house divided, we had some things to work out when we got married.  Some big things.  For example...would our children be Yankee fans or Red Sox fans?

Now first, we both dug our heels in and insisted we would recruit them for our own team.  We argued about location (New York is closer), said we would let them decide on their own (too much competition), and briefly discussed raising our imaginary children as the very  first dual Yankee/Red Sox hybrid fans.  That idea was quite short lived.  But then, we got it.  It was a perfect plan.

If we had girls, they would be Yankee fans with Mama.  Boys would be Red Sox fans with Daddy. And if we had all of the same sex, the last one would go to the lone parent (for example, if had 3 girls, the third girl would be a Red Sox fan with Daddy).  Clearly we gave this issue way too much thought.  That's what happens when you are dating since you are 15, you have too much to talk about before you get married. ;)

Which brings me to my next order of business.  Yesterday was Opening Day for Daddy's Sox.  And he had his little Buddy there to cheer with him this year.  And as much as I wish we were all Yankee fans over here...if this wasn't just the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Daddy and his little bruiser. :)

I made a bunch of onesies for Hubby's stocking, and this was one of them.  I couldn't find a baby Red Sox shirt that I liked for under $35, so I made my own little mini-me Pedroia jersey.

His little nose!
I know I'm biased, but if these two aren't the handsomest boys I ever saw.

This is one proud Daddy.  And he and his boy are ready for their first baseball season!  I see many boys summer trips to Fenway in their future.

The girls will save our trips to see the Yankees till October.
;) Sorry honey, I couldn't help it!

Love my mans!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Our Trip To Mima-Papa's!

 A few weeks ago, we went to Mima and Papa's for the week to spend some time, since Daddy had a busy week and we needed a little time with our New York fam!

We had such a fun time, here are a few snippets of the giggles and adventures. :)

We played "Toll Bridge", which is a game that my Dad made up when we were Reilly and Reagan's age, and now the girls love it too. :)  Above is Reilly sneaking past the sleeping Toll keeper, and Reagan waking him up like the honest little girl she is.

This was hilarious, as Papa would ask the girls questions to get by, and Reilly kept answering for Reagan.  Then one time he asked their favorite animal, and the both said elephant (I have no idea where they got that from...), and then after that every time Reagan went through she yelled, "I LIKE ELEPHANTS!" We were hysterical laughing.

 Mimi gave Reagan these glasses (which were from a costume), and Reagan didn't take them off all week.  She looked like a little old lady, and it was awesome. 

 The girls having cereals in the morning on the steps. 

 Reilly said, "Silly Selfie!", and Reagan had to check to see what she meant by that. ;)

We went to visit Mimi at work one day, and man did they love her spinning chair!

 We love Mimi!!

 That day we came home, and it was SO WARM out, that the girls went down for nap, and Declan and I took a walk around the neighborhood.  Then after dinner we had ice pops on the stoop.  Yes, it was heavenly. 

 Papa and his little chickies!

 This might be one of my favorite pictures of all time, because it most perfectly portrays my boy and his existence.  His girls are hovering over him at all times, and he is just STARING right at me! Ha!

 My sweeties reading with Mima.  This is her favorite thing to do with her boopas. 

 My beauty girl.

 I love this little muffin. Mommy's man.

 This is one kick ass big sister.  She loves holding her baby!

Chickies at snack time.  As you can see, they are rarely smiling at Mima and Papa's. ;)

 Baby feet. <3 p="">

 One day we took them to Nunley's Carousel, which was another full-circle moment for me!  Nunley's is a Long Island institution (just as Billy Joel), and we used to go on the exact carousel when we were little with my Grandma and Poppy.  So much fun. 

 The girls were so excited!  They started cracking up when it started going faster.
 My mom looks 26. Just saying.
 Hold on tight!

 Declan hopped on for a sec. :)

 Me and my girls!

 Then they had lunch on this bench and Reilly had an artificial conversation with Papa. It was very intense. Then she put him on hold, and came back to him, and said, "Ugh, he hung up." HAH. 

 We did so many other fun things like shopping trips, breakfast with our Wallick girls, and lots of reading and playing and yummy New York food. :)

Thank you for tons and tons of fun at the New York house everyone!  We love every minute we spend there, and I love sharing my childhood experiences with my little beans.